Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some Steampunk Stuff

My first time making a Steampunk mask. I chose a Plague Doctor mask because I found the masks cheap when I lived in Tucson. $1.25 for a hard plastic mask. They were Mardi Gras metallic colors.
I covered the mask with leather I got from Freecycle. Freecycle can sometimes be a great place to find free crafting supplies, and you are keeping it from going into the landfills.'s FREE.

The "leather" around the goggles is a  faux leather remnant. The larger "rivets" are actually fasteners from Dollar Tree. The lenses came from Dollar Tree sunglasses. The smaller fasteners are scrapbook brads. 
The beak decorations are actually shelf stays that I picked up at Home Depot. I used a metal punch for the screw hole. Since the stay has a hollow tube I coiled brass wire around a knitting needle, and it fit perfectly in the tube.

A friend of mine is now the proud owner of this mask.

The following 4 projects were my first time making anything Steampunk.
 This was a Christmas ornament. The leaves were cut from a soda can mounted on fun foam and colored with alcohol ink.. The globe disc was rescued from a recycling plant in Tucson. A friend noticed them and snagged them for me. I love my friends, they just randomly throw crafting supplies my way.
 Thrift store frame, leather backing random found objects. The gear in the corner is actually etched on the glass and Rub-n-Buff was applied.
 Another thrift store frame, more leather for backing, watch and clock parts, globe discs,  and jewelry filigree.
 Steampunk Top Hat. More clock parts.
 Craft wire, embossed leather remnant, scrapbook eyelets and satin cording.
All 4 projects went to live with a great guy I met a few years back. My second brush with anyone famous. If you have ever seen Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs, the projects went to live with Dave Barsky.

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