Friday, November 22, 2013

Ideas strike hard and in odd places.

A LONG while ago while at work I was struck with an idea, brought on by a simple energy drink can. 
There is/was an energy drink on the market called Lost.
One of the dispatchers at work would get this energy drink by the case loads from a friend.
The first thing I noticed about the can was the graphics on it.

I ripped the can out of his hand and demanded that he give me ALL of the cans once they were empty. 
I think he gave me MAYBE 5 of them.

I sat with the cans trying to figure out what I could I could make with them that wouldn't slash through the graphics.

I decided on some kind of jewelry piece. I didn't take the idea too seriously, so it wasn't going to spend a lot of money on this project. On the plus side, I had plenty of time to make the project come together.

When it comes to making jewelry I'm pretty much a minimalist. Simple and easy is usually the way I go. It is difficult for me to think too much outside of my comfort zone.
I figured this would be my chance to leave my comfort zone and do something totally "out there".
I wanted to make something that, in my opinion, would be something totally whacked out.
A statement necklace. A HELL of a statement necklace.

The energy drink cans, sitting on my Old Sizzix machine (which I do still use).

I started by cleaning the cans throughly, cutting them open, clean again with rubbing alcohol, and mounting them on "fun foam" that I got from dollar tree. I used 3M spray adhesive. 
I then used Sizzix mini tags die (38-1207). I cut the graphic from the can then positioned it over the tag shape I wanted and ran it through the machine. The fun foam gave it a nice backing and made it so there were no sharp edges to it.
I made a LOT of tags like this.
I "blinged" some out with manicure rhinestones and beads.

I used beads that were given to me, they were from a child's "dress up" play set. I really don't like plastic beads when it comes to making jewelry, so these were sitting around for a while. I decided now was the time to use them up.
I made some drops with them. Actually I made a A LOT of drops with them.
I also figured out the bottoms of the cans were good for holding jumprings and beads while I was working on this project.
I searched my jewelry supply stash and figured I did not have a bulky chain to use a base. But I did have a large bag of jumprings from a grab bag of supplies, so, I guess I will make my own chain.

2+2 links. I think I made it about 19 inches.

Then came the fun of putting it all together. I didn't get pictures of that process because I was in a "zone" when I got started.

The final project was (in my words) obnoxiously loud to say the least.
And of course I HAD to make earrings to match.

Ready for the close up shots?

I e-mailed pictures of it to the company that made the drink, but never heard back from them, they probably thought I was some psycho. But hey, that's ok, I was kinda crazed when the idea hit me so....

I posted pictures of it on the web site Cut Out And Keep. Just for fun. It wasn't long after I posted it that a lady from the Netherlands messaged me asking if I was willing to sell it. My first thought was, "Really??? Someone wants to buy THIS???"

I couldn't in good conscious take money for this....thing. So I traded her for some candy that my Grandmother used to bring back from Holland when I was a child.

From what I understand she wears it for Carnival, because it matches what she wears for the celebration.

Total time for project....about 6 hours.

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