Sunday, November 3, 2013

Adventures in Jewelry, Steampunk, Recycling, paper art, and just plain goofiness. And maybe a tutorial to boot.

Hi! I'm Wendy. I've been crafting since the age of 6. I've done a lot of crafting on the way, some good, some...epic fails.

Some great things have happened over the past month which has prompted me to create this blog. 

First was winning Plaid Enterprises 4th annual "Trick Your Pumpkin" Contest.

I entered 3 pumpkins.

 The "Steampunk-in" Won!

And then I was picked to be on the Lisa Kettell Designs Design team. I hope I can live up to her expectations. I will do my best!

Right now I'll be posting some of my better stuff from the past. But just for giggles, and for face palm sake I'll post my fails too.

I'll hopefully be posting some tutorials, and maybe some videos too!

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